DISH Medical mission in Léogâne, Haiti: SUCCESS!

A timely and much needed intervention

The 3rd annual DISH medical mission to Haiti was held in Léogane from May 22 until June 24, 2014

DISH Team 2014 - Léogane, Haiti

DISH Team 2014 – Léogane, Haiti

Mission Purpose

Its purpose was to provide medical and surgical care, free of charge to the population of Léogane.

The location and timing were relevant for two main reasons:

  • Medical care needs are very high in Léogâne, one of the areas most affected by the 2010 catastrophic earthquake.


  •  The mosquito borne epidemic of Chicungunya was at its peak in Leogane during the time of our mission. Affected patients developed a febrile illness with joint pain, swelling, muscle ache, rashes, and generalized weakness.
DISH attending one of many children with high fever.

DISH attending one of many children with high fever.

Mission Providers

29 healthcare providers participated including 17 US providers and 12 Haitian providers. There were 7 internal medicine, 1 pulmonologist, 1 anesthesiologist, 1 surgeon, 4 pharmacists, 12 nurses, and 3 mission support professionals.

Medical component

The medical team included 4 general primary care providers, 1 ob-gyn provider, 2 pediatricians, 1 pulmonologist, and 12 nurses who performed with excellence in different roles including triage,  surgery, pharmacy, counseling.













The team saw more than 600 patients. Patients were triaged in advance which allowed for faster processing. Patient consultation documentation was focused on pertinent clinical findings and plan of care. Febrile illness consistent with Chicungunya virus infections was prevalent. Other conditions included diabetes, high blood pressure, gastrititis, malnutrition, skin rashes, gastritis, cellulitis, vaginitis.

More than 100 children and adolescents were seen and treated.

Surgical Team

14 surgeries were performed. The cases were pre-screened for feasibility assessment. All immediate post-op patient outcomes were uneventful. Post-surgical patients will follow at the Centre for suture removal and surgical wound care. Surgical cases included symptomatic lipomas, facial deformities, head and neck benign tumors.



More than a thousand  prescriptions were filled. Stock of medicines were selected by DISH based on the most prevalent anticipated diseases. The pharmacy team consisted of 2 US and 2 Haitian pharmacists as well as 4 assistant pharmacists. Prescriptions were prepackage the night before and throughout the day based on anticipated demand.


Surplus medication and supplies inventory was donated to the host medical center in Léogane.

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Cooperation DISH-Haitian providers

This year again, 7 Haitian doctors joined us for the mission in Léogane. Most of them worked with us last year in Dame-Marie. It was one of the strengths of this mission because we consolidated our relationship with the participating Haitian doctors. Their knowledge of the language, the culture, the clinical syndrome, the pathology, their past experience working with us made our task easier and more successful.20140523-DISH-mission3-107 20140523-DISH-mission3-180

We are also grateful to have worked with the medical center personnel including the nurses, the pharmacists and the support staff. Their professionalism was inspiring.



We thank everyone who participated and contributed to make this 2014 DISH medical mission in Haiti a success. We thank the Haitian minister of Health for its continuing technical support and for facilitating our mission.


 DISH Medical Mission 2015

If you’re interested in joining the DISH team next year for our 4th medical mission in Haiti, please send us an email at missions[at]

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